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Step One: Contact Us

When you are ready to sell your house, give us a call or fill out a form. We will need some basic information to get started on your offer such as your name, phone number, and property address.

Step Two: Get An Offer

Once we have finished processing your offer, we will present you with a FAIR offer. Our offers are based on the information you provide us, we use this information to get you an accurate offer.

Step Three: Prepare To Close

If you decide to accept our offer for your house, we will send one of our agents to inspect your house and give you your offer in most accepted payment methods. Feel free to move on your time.

How Fast Can We Close?

We can close around your schedule! Whether you want to close in two weeks or two months, we can accommodate any length. For us to close your house as fast as possible, your house needs to have little to no issues and you as the seller will need to be very communicative with us!

Are There ANy Obligations Once I submit My Info?

No! Once you submit your information and get an offer, you are not forced to sell your house. When you sell your house with Sell House Cash, the choice to sell is always yours.

Are There any fees when I Sell With you?

There are no fees associated with selling your house with us! We don’t charge any service fees, commission fees, or selling fees! If there are any fees associated with your house when selling with us, we will pay for it!

WHo Usually Sells their House TO you?

Most people who sell their house with us wants to sell their house as fast as possible or they have issues with their house causing them to sell now. Typically, we see people wanting to sell their inherited houses or rental issues with the current property.


Yes! We actually give cash for your house! We are also able to give you your offer in any payment method you want it in!

Do I need to Fix My House Before Selling?

You do not need to fix your house before selling with us! We buy all houses as-is condition! So you do not need to worry about any repair costs!

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